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February 8, 2012 - Eliminating Nonessential Words

As a writer, it's easy to become enamored with fancy prose. We want our writing to possess credibility, and therefore, we sometimes, consciously or sub-consciously, add words that are unnecessary and convolute our sentence constructions.

Let's stop right here. Is the point of your writing to communicate or to sound fancy? I think you get the point. Your audience wants to read your content in exactly the number of necessary words - nothing more.

Nonessential words can be categorized in three areas: deadwood, utility words, and circumlocution.

1. Deadwood is an excessive phrase that adds nothing to meaning. Here's an example:

Deadwood Sentence: The single reason as to why he left her was to find another woman.
Correct: The single reason he left her was to find another woman.

Other Deadwood Phrase Examples: in my opinion, as compared to, it is important to note that, which was, who are

2. Utility Words are "stuffing" words that contribute nothing to a sentence. Specifically, they include nouns with vague meanings, general adjectives, and adverbs that specify degree. Here's an example:

Utility Word Sentence: Utility word situations are unnecessary.
Correct: Utility words are unnecessary.

Other Utility Word Examples: factor, type, quality, area, good, bad, significant, basically, actually, very

3. Circumlocution is taking too many words to state something that could be done in much less.

Circumlocution Sentence: It is entirely possible that it is raining outside.
Correct: It may be raining outside.

Other Circumlocution Examples: it is not unlikely that, would have to be, during the same time

Eliminate nonessential words in your work and see the difference in your writing's effectiveness. If you don't, PaperEditNow.com's elite Editors and Proofreaders will eliminate them for you!

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