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February 10, 2012 - Why You Need An Editor / Proofreader

BECAUSE YOU ARE HUMAN. We all make mistakes. It's a fact of life that won't change.

However, poor and sloppy writing is an immediate reflection of YOU. When you write a letter, email, resume, note to your boss, or a term paper, you are representing yourself in black and white. Your words are permanent and cannot be retracted. As your audience reads your writing, they are forming judgments about your intelligence through your command of the English language and your ability to effectively comunicate. In fact, you are judging me right now since I spelled "communicate" incorrectly in the last sentence. You were questioning my ability and authority to even write a blog on this subject. See my point? Good writing is a skill that will serve you well in your occupation, academic pursuits, and everyday correspondence.

But you can mitigate these embarrassing mistakes that may cost you a job, result in a poor academic grade, or hurt your reputation by using the best proofreaders and editors in the industry at PaperEditNow.com. But I have to admit, we make mistakes too! You know why? BECAUSE WE ARE HUMAN as well!

This is why we are proud of our CrossCheck Service which is standard with every document order. Our CrossCheck Service actually assigns not one, but TWO proofreaders to every document we edit. This practice and commitment to service eliminates the human errors that are possible with a single proofreader as many of our competitors use. Additionally, our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee further backs our services. In other words, we GET IT RIGHT! Quality is important to us, because once your document is published, sent, or graded, there are no second chances. We want the immediate reflection of YOU to be overwhelmingly positive!

That's what we do - we are PaperEditNow.com!

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