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February 16, 2012 - Mispelled Words: Remembering Dan Quayle

Try this simple quiz. Can you identify the misspelled word? No cheating!

a. Cemetery
b. Bizzare
c. Parallel
d. Pharaoh

Correct answer is at the end of this post.

Of course, most people remember Dan Quayle infamously spelling "potato" incorrectly. These instances of public humiliation are very common. For example, in 1988, graduates from the University of Wisconsin received two diplomas. The first, which they received at their commencement ceremony, read "University of Wisconson." The second diploma, which they received six months later, corrected the humiliating and embarrassing spelling error. I am sure the graduates felt they received a quality education! Just kidding Badger alumni!

In all seriousness, misspelled words can be a colossal embarrassment in your writing. Since we review documents every day, you would be surprised at the number of times we correct misspelled words. Even with spell check in word processors, spelling is consistently a problem.

A good editor and proofreader like PaperEditNow.com will obviously correct these errors before your work is submitted, published, sent, or graded, but it is important as a writer to become familiar with commonly misspelled words. Such recognition will help you avoid embarrassing mistakes!

Below is a list of commonly misspelled words:

(Correct Spelling / Common Misspelling)

achieve / acheive
amateur / amature
argument / arguement
athlete / athelete
beggar / begger
bizarre / bizzare
broccoli / brocoli
camouflage / camoflage
cantaloupe / cantolope
cemetery / cemetary
chose / choose (and vice versa)
committee / commitee
congratulations / congradulations
curiosity / curiousity
dependent / dependant
dessert / desert (and vice versa)
drunkenness / drunkeness
Fahrenheit / Farenheight
fiery / firey
foreseeable / forseeable
forty / fourty
gauge / guage
gist / jist
glamorous / glamourous
grammar / grammer
grateful / greatful
guarantee / garantee
humorous / humourous
irresistible / irresistable
it's (it is) / its (an vice versa)
liaison / liason
library / libary
license / liscense
loose / lose (and vice versa)
marshmallow / marshmellow
occasion / occassion
parallel / paralell
particularly / particulary
perseverance / perserverance
pharaoh / pharoah
potato / potatoe
principal / principle (and vice versa)
privilege / privelege
questionnaire / questionairre
raspberry / rasberry
receipt / receit
rhythm / ryhthym
separate / seperate
sergeant / sargent
stationary / stationery (and vice versa)
supersede / supercede
truly / truely
unforgettable / unforgetable
Wednesday / Wendsday
you're (you are) / your

Quiz Answer: B. Bizarre is the correct spelling.

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