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November 18, 2012 - Dee Marvin Emeigh Releases Compelling Book

dee marvin emeigh
Author, Journalist, Singer-Song Writer, and Teacher Dee Marvin Emeigh has released an authentic and compelling story, Cafeteria Covenant: The Voice, the Choice, and the Challenge. Emeigh used PaperEditNow.com to edit this superb story that digs deep into a message of faith, hope, and love, along with insights into the character and nature of God.

Notably, Emeigh takes a straight-up honest view of the contemporary church and relates one authentic and compelling story after another of the her experiences over forty years. Through a candid and often heartbreaking narrative that gives way to exposition on parables and prayers, Emeigh presents a revelatory concept of the New Covenant, a covenant of choice. She describes first-hand the abuse of power and doctrinal error that effectively kept her silenced for forty years, citing experience as an abused wife and outlining rigid restrictions, rudeness, and insult. While she omits the unnecessary details and changes the names, she asserts that something has gone terribly wrong with the church in general.

As a personal come-back story, Emeigh hopes readers might find her book to be an antidote for those who have been impacted by abuse, hypocrisy, and doctrinal error as well as those suffering through difficult times in other ways. Additionally, she believes readers will walk through calamity to find love and through devastation to find encouragement and rebuild. Finally, she challenges church leadership who dare to hope for reform.

Riveting, challenging, and written from the heart, Cafeteria Covenant: The Voice, the Choice, and the Challenge is a work of success.

To purchase Cafeteria Covenant: The Voice, the Choice, and the Challenge, visit here.

To visit Dee's website, hear her music, and learn more, visit here.

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